Dollar Commanders

I find it so appallin”

That they’re rulin’ my life,

Dictatin’ my decisions

And causin’ me strife.

Who gave em’ this power,

To choose all my meals,

And put me in places

Where I depend on “good deals”?

They ride in my pocket

Folded up tight,

But they’re takin’ me everywhere…

Never let me out of sight.

They command me to do

Things I’mm loathe to endure

‘Cause they’ve got me dependent,

Only with them is my future sure.

I need these”bucks”

Can’t survive without…

If I could only plant em’

And watch ’em sprout!

Pompous, filthy papers,

Tired of em’ bossin’ me ’round

But I can’t be without ’em,

At least no way’s been found.


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