A Father’s Protection and Provision

My dad wasn’t a perfect dad, rather like I’m not a perfect mom. But my dad did a great job of providing his family and protecting us. He worked at least two jobs most of my life, and we were always clothed, fed, and our needs were met. You’ve heard of the mama bear who gets livid and hard to deal with if she thinks you are mistreating her children? In our family it was daddy bear that people trembled before.

My Heavenly Father is perfect in every way. How much more is He my provider and protector!

Lately He has shown me repeatedly that I’m His child and. I can be dependent upon Him. Two weeks ago I was out of gas and He sent someone to provide just enough gas to get through until payday.

Two weeks ago a mass showed up in a sonogram. With a history of cancer, I was worried. At church I was prayed for, and my pastor prayed, “In Jesus name we’re praying and believing that the MRI is going to show no mass at all, and everything completely normal.”  I wrote Monday about the peace and trust God grave me going into the MRI. A couple of days later the nurse called and used the exact words my pastor had prayed over me”there is no mass of any kind and everything looks normal.” My God was in control!

Today I drove all over town searching for a used tire. I’d had a flat on the way home from work yesterday, on a tire that was completely bald and had wires sticking out. No used tires in that size were available anywhere, and grocery money would have to be used to get one anyway.

I told my son, “I’m not worried about my tires. God just removed a mass from my body this week! He’s in the miracle business.”

My son replied, “Are you kidding? He INVENTED miracles!”

Thirty minutes later we got a call and God provided two brand new tires for my car. No charge to us. ..and we were able to buy groceries!

We have three days to see how God is going to provide gas for me to get to work next week, because we are completely broke…but again, I’m not worried. He’s proven he’s got it all under control. That’s My Father!


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