Leaning on my Father

Several months ago I began having what I assumed were premenopausal symptoms. After all, I am forty one, and getting a gray streak in my hair.

A couple of weeks ago the doctor assured me that wasn’t what is going on. Today I’m going for an MRI find out the nature of the mass they found in my uterus.

At first, I was terrified. As a cancer survivor of thirteen years, the last time I heard the word “mass”, it ended up with me having Renal Cell Carcinoma, and a major operation having a kidney removed.

Then I realized that kidney cancer usually comes back as lung cancer, not uterine cancer. Fibroids are also a possibility. Still, it was worrisome to notice increased symptoms the last couple weeks.

However, this weekend God reminded me that I’m His child. I’m right in the middle working for Hi

Being struck by lightening gave this wood it's valuable scar.

Being struck by lightening gave this wood it’s valuable scar.

m, and I’m under His protection.

As I wait here in the lobby of the hospital, I truly have peace. Whatever this is, if it’s alright with Him, then it’s alright with me.

That’s why I named this site Fragile Strength in the first place. I have the treasure of His spirit in a weak earthly vessel, so any glory is His, not mine. His strength is made perfect in my fragility.


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